Stupid Rihanna and Chris Brown. We'd previously feared from the clip we'd heard of "Nobody's Business"—and it looks like they actually are going to spell it proper-like, not the ridiculous "Nobodies Business"—that we were going to enjoy the song, despite the fact that the two of them made it seemingly for the sole purpose of getting us people who already spend too much time and energy considering the meaning and implications of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship all riled up and such. Now the full version is here, and dammit, it's a blast.

Alleged Female Trespasser Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown

It's not a perfect pop song by any means—the lyrics are a little cheesy, and for all their Forbidden Love drama, the two of them never seem to have particularly good chemistry on record—but it's got that super-breezy (no pun intended) kind of early-'90s dance feel to it, and the Michael Jackson lifts are indeed inspired, and extremely catchy. Smart of the two of them to have their collaboration feel so light on its feet, almost to counteract the inherent heaviness of them working together again with such an inflammatory subject matter. What can we say? It works.

Now will the rest of Unapologetic just leak already?