Really, any scenario that includes the words "I’m going to be Rich Forever, too, so fuck you, gordito!!" directed against Rick Ross isn't going to end politely. In music-video land, that means it'll end up like this video for "Yella Diamonds," a cut from Ross's Rich Forever mixtape. The video is NSFW. Here's the full list of content warnings: language, gratuitous Spanish-language subtitles, "gordito," home invasion, violence, violence against women, threats of violence against Rick Ross, people being dragged across the floor, drugs, dope, yella diamonds, shots of Ms. Pac-man and not enough actual Ms. Pac-Man gameplay, excess promotional padding and God Forgives, I Don't not being out yet. Ross also wears a Clemson jacket, which might be NSFW depending on where you live in South Carolina. If you live in South Carolina. Watch below: