We lost the bet with ourselves that this Harry Styles-Taylor Swift friendship/flirtation/road to marriage and/or profitable album would be over as soon as the final piece of Jingle Ball confetti was swept up from the Madison Square Garden floor. Things appear to be very much on, with Taylor spotted in England this week taking in the local fare and likely practicing her different accents. Decide for yourselves whether or not reports that she's already Yoko-ing 1D by bringing Harry aboard her private jet are true. Maybe he's scared of flying and she has a calming presence? Breathe deeply, Louis.

While in the country, Harry and Taylor have been spotted around various quaint towns, mulling about with local residents—both human and animal—just hours before her 23rd birthday. What are the plans, mate? We've already named Taylor our Artist of the Year while MTV has covered its bases with an official video premiere scheduled for tomorrow; now all eyes turn will turn to you.

We suspect Taylor has always loved Mary Poppins.

Ed note: It's unclear whether or not Taylor is trying to personally recreate Cameron Diaz's role in The Holiday. And with good reason—we've all fallen victim to a Jude Law phase.

On Tuesday night, the two were seen at Rising Sun Inn in Bamford, Derbyshire, reportedly connecting with Harry's sister Gemma who studies "nearby." Twitter user Cindy Lou Who even managed to snag a photo with the One Direction star.

But truly the best part about new Taylor Swift relationship talk is that this one gets to be heavily played out in the British papers—there is no greater Christmas gift—with special attention payed to the intricacies of her meal order in a foreign land. According to Heatworld, Harry drank orange juice with his turkey dinner (interesting) and Christmas pudding, while Taylor opted for cod, sans chips (fine, but you're missing out). "Harry and Taylor were then spotted at a Tescos near his mum’s house in Cheshire later that evening, so it seems he was keen to show the American singer off to all his nearest and dearest," the site continues. Once she starts spending more time in Tescos than Wawa, we'll know it's serious.

Sigh. Still looking good, guys. But can Harry and Taylor become the Emma and Andrew of 2013? Stay tuned.