No t-shirt, button down, or turtleneck will hold Rick Ross back this summer. Like last year—and all days that end in "y"—he's going shirtless, letting his body breathe and allowing his words to speak for themselves. Rozay's latest meme-worthy track, "Hold Me Back," has already provided us with infinite possibilities about what could possibly dare to keep our favorite former prison guard reaching the untouchable heights he and his Maybach Music colleagues are destined for. Now comes the first look at visual representation for how he keeps those threats at bay.

How does one prove that he's incapable of being held back, exactly? Whether his potential opponents are pesky Mad Men spoilers or the oppressive summer temperatures, hosting a block party with a lot of his famous friends seems to be the Bawse's go-to strategy this time around. Cute little kids help, too. The men of Maybach Music and beyond do like to hang out together, especially when they can wear something silly and ad-lib by praising their own greatness.

Ross takes cameras on the set of the New Orleans shoot for "Hold Me Back" where his Maybach Music cronies have gathered to jump around in a back alley. We all have our own ways of beating the heat.

It's all to further prove that above all else, MMG is the hip-hop contingent most prepared for any kind of situation that arises. Do you need last-minute childcare on a Wednesday afternoon? Wale is free to babysit (and who could say no to that face?). Wondering how you should choreograph a song like this for your upcoming pool party? Allow Ross to give you a personal dance lesson. Searching for the right pair of spotless shoes to go with that summer suit? Look no further than Maybach's cardboard box full of sneakers, an on-set gift better than even the most illustrious of Kraft food service spreads.

Swizz Beatz drops by to play the local shoe fairy, passing out stainless white kicks to all children in his path.

Surely scuffs and stray dirt lines won't hold any of these guys back any longer. Watch below.