Israeli filmmaker Alma Har'el's "Fjögur Píanó" video is a very serious work for a very lovely song, part of a 12-video film series commissioned by epic Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Rós for songs on their new album Valtari. According to Har'el, the video "is about addiction to drugs, or sex, or anything–and how you get stuck in a cycle," and features some incredibly powerful imagery, thoughtful direction and almost balletic choreography. "For me, it’s about not knowing how to get out of something without causing pain to somebody else,” Har'el further explains.

Of course, most people are only gonna care about this video for one reason: Shia LaBoeuf full frontal. Yes, the star of Transformers and that shitty fourth Indiana Jones movie goes bottomless for "Píanó"—briefly, but unmistakably, in the first few minutes. (His female co-star gets similarly nude for longer stretches of time, but she's not famous, so no big deal.) With his wild conductor hair—facial and otherwise—he barely even looks recognizable as himself, but if you've been in love with LaBoeuf since Disturbia, chances are you won't be too nitpicky about these things.

Also, it's a cool video. You'll probably like it for at least one of those two reasons.