I know Kanye and Kim announced their baby news last night, but if that hadn't happened, I'm pretty sure this would've been by far the coolest thing of yesterday. So cool, that I find it hard to believe that more excitement hasn't centered around the coming together of these two--and in such a perfect fashion.


Here's what happened, said Usher:

“Was in NYC and trying to get a cool photo of me in the reflection and this guy photo bombed me. I would be mad but it was THE BOSS! Photobombed by THE BOSS! #coolshithappensinNYC"

The perfect photobomb in question?

Usher taking so many tries to get an artsy shot of his reflection? Incredible. Where the hell even are these two? At some dingy antique shop in the West Village? Is Usher picking up some glassware for his annual New Year's Eve potluck? Does Bruce own the shop? Or does he just come in one a week to check on his collection of vintage bell jars? What did they even talk about afterward? Does Bruce know about Instagram? Remember when he posed in (what appears to be) an Instagram with Taylor Swift? It's been a big year for The Boss.