Whether or not we all agree on her part in the break-up of The Beatles, we can all agree that Yoko Ono turning the big 8-0 today is a total sneak attack. An official Popdust Office Poll on her age revealed an average guess of 73. Score for you Ono, Yoko! You go Ono, Yoko.

More than half of her lifetime ago, Tokyo-born Yoko married John Lennon, who famously described her as "The most famous unknown artist in the world." At the time of The Beatles' breakup, both her art and her influence over Lennon baffled the public. The confusion made her an easy target for blame.

Still, she managed to prove Lennon's characterization of her "unknown-ness" wrong, carving out quite a career for herself as an avant-garde artist. Yoko has received numerous awards for her work, which has been featured everywhere from the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art to the MOMA.

She also maintains an unsurprisingly strange Twitter. When she's not leading the anti-fracking Twitter battalion, she tweets stuff like this:

Happy Birthday Yoko Ono, and congrats on seeming an average of 7 years younger than you actually are.