Not all boy band solo careers are created equal. Who can forget Wooyoung's grating "Sexy Lady" or the hot mess that is everything Brian McFadden has ever released? Fortunately, B2ST mega-cutie, Yoseob, has gotten the whole solo thing right with the release of his first single, "Caffeine." The melancholy number is great on its own, but like many K-pop hits, it gets even better once you've seen it performed live.

Last night's Inkigayo performance has to have been the best showing so far, but it's hard to pinpoint just what the most brilliant part of it was. The beautiful vocals, perhaps? The super suave suit? The funky MJ twirls? The creepy, Ico-esque backup dancers? The epic back flip at the end? We'll just chalk it down to all of the above.

"Caffeine" has been quite successful so far. It's still sitting in the top five of the Instiz iChart almost a week after its release, while Yoseob's new EP, The First Collage, has reached No. 1 on Hanteo. It's the second big comeback for B2ST this year, following the group's Midnight Sun EP from July, which produced the No. 1 single "I Knew It," and is set to close out 2012 as one of the highest-selling K-pop releases of the year. We can't wait to see what 2013 will bring the rising boy band, but for now, settle in with "Caffeine," live on Inkigayo, below.