Yoste Debuts "Try To Be Okay"

Ethereal electro-pop full of intense sensations.

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Meet Yoste, who dropped his debut EP, Try To Be Okay, February 15th.

Yoste (rhymes with 'lost') is the musical project of Brisbane-based singer-songwriter and producer, Kurt Sines, who after high school entered university intending to study law, "more from apathy than genuine interest." Looking for purpose and meaning, he found it in music.

Explaining the inspiration behind Try To Be Okay, Yoste says, "The songs are built on and drawn from my concerns and experiences over the past couple of years, not only as a new artist but as a person on the cusp of adulthood. I was grappling with quite an overwhelming fear of mortality, questions of identity, alienation, inadequacy - all the fun stuff. What is lovely to reflect on however, is that some of the songs do manage to make sense of some of those feelings, even arrive at something resembling solutions. Where those moments are I'll leave to listeners to interpret."

Six tracks long, the EP opens with "Arc," an electro-pop tune flavored with alluring textures and layers of colors. Yoste's dream-like tones infuse the lyrics with nuances of desire.

"Coming to rest / At great height / We're formless / In the low light / In the warmth of your glow I'm alright / Though I wish I could claw back some time / I could breathe in the colors so bright."

Other high points include "Empty," "Blue," and "Moon." Of the three, "Empty" is subjectively the most tantalizing, opening on glimmering synths. Yoste's voice discharges a mood of remote vacancy, as if he's outside looking in.

Try To Be Okay, subtle and ethereal, elegant and delicate, conveys gorgeously evocative sensations both hypnotic and passionately cathartic.

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