Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" drops on March 26, leaving fans with nearly nine more days to issue extremist descriptions of how terrible life is like without some JB jams. Before you can hear what a lucky few have compared to Justin Timberlake and, yes, The Ying Yang Twins, The Bieb wants you to stare at him. Hard. The official single art will be unveiled on Monday, but fans already have a chance to check out the more mature possibilities—nary a purple sweatshirt in sight—as well as the ability to dictate which one will ultimately make the promotional rounds. Bieber's camp is welcoming fans to vote on the two contenders via Twitter, which is almost as good as sitting down for a pow wow with The Bieb himself. Feast your eyes upon the strikingly similar yet vastly different Exhibit A and B:

Exhibit A: You're not a true Belieber if you haven't imagined running your fingers through that famous hair. (It's in the fan bylaws.) Here Bieber takes hold of his best asset while never failing to stop those eyes from piercing straight into your soul.

Exhibit B: Here, The Bieb leaves his shirt half open—making room for those bulging, 18-year-old pectorals to peek out and say hello—while staring off into the distance. There are reasons to get excited about this one, too, if you believe that those beautiful brown eyes are looking at you while thinking of ways to rent out Madison Square Garden for a private screening of The Notebook. Oh sorry, Selena. Your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.