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You are Cordially Invited to Tron & DVD’s “Party”

Hip Hop bros send out an open invitation

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This party doesn't require an RSVP to a Facebook invite. You don't have to get dressed up (or dressed at all), and you don't have to bring a gift. All you need are your ears and your willingness to be in the moment and you're on the guest list for Tron & DVD's latest single "Welcome To The Party".

This hip hop duo consisting of brothers Norvin and Darian Van Dunk (Tron & DVD respectively) hail from Valley Cottage, NY and are the newest additions to the Kiam Records roster. They have crafted various LPs and EPs throughout the course of their burgeoning career that contain authoritative deliveries and bass heavy production that'll make any backpacker's day.

"Welcome To The Party" has an infectious vibe that'll make you want to hit the dance floor, spit a mean 16 or a combination of the two. Tron kicks off the festivities with his sharp drilling bars delivering a bold proclamation stating how him and his partner in rhyme "ain't your average everyday rap duo." DVD follows up with a second verse that booms both literally and figuratively given the nature of his commanding voice and braggadocio firing off lines like "It's Mr. Blu-Ray don't hit the skip". "Party" also contains an enchanting yet hypnotic hook that features Tron & DVD's label mate AND Kiam Records head lady in charge Jennifer O'Connor.

So you want to be able to enjoy good music and party without the long lines, the jerky bouncers, and over priced watered down drinks? Then press play or head over to iTunes and purchase "Welcome To The Party" and show some love to your gracious hosts Tron & DVD. And If you're in the Nyack area in New York, you can see Tron & DVD live at Olive's on December 23th.

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