Though the name of the Cee-Lo Green show on FUSE network that Kelly Rowland recently appeared on is entitled "Talking With Strangers," it became quickly apparent in her interview with the Voice coach that at least one party already knew the other pretty well. Rowland made the mistake of asking Green just what he means when he refers to himself as a lady killer, the title of his most recent (and "Fuck You"-featuring) solo album. Cee-Lo was all too eager to answer:

I'm a poet, and I just can't help myself...So, uh, I can articulate what it is I have to say very well. Especially if I have a muse in front of me...I've always thought you were beautiful for like, a very, very long time. And I've been watching you like, you know, like, your personal life, how much of it was publicized. And, you know, keeping tabs on you, about who you were dating or whatever, at the time, and seeing what your taste was...I know you wear a size two."

At the point of the last statement, if Kells wasn't already thoroughly creeped out by the unabashedness of Cee-Lo's come-on, her wide-eyed glance off-stage showed that the singer had certainly reached her threshold. "Yeahhhhh, I do..." she confessed sheepishly. Cee-Lo continued (to his further detriment), "So my definition of Lady's just about timing, you know what I'm saying? It would be a crime of passion, you know what I'm saying?" Kelly's increasingly unamused response of "LORD have mercy" demonstrated that she probably did have a pretty good idea what Cee-Lo was saying.

Also not helping the so-called Lady Killer's case: The red muumuu-looking thing. When you're talking about your prowess over the ladies, giving off the appearance of a cult leader who uses brainwashing as his primary seduction technique is rarely a good idea.