Lady Gaga signing a urinal is not news in itself. The urinal, called Armitage Shanks, has been around for more than a year, a takeoff on Marcel Duchamp's Fountain signed this way: "I'm not fucking Duchamp but I love pissing with you." What does it mean? Let's let the shop take that one:

Both the written message and the act of 'marking' the urinal with traces of one's own self work away from a stern gesture into a playful acknowledgement of Duchamp’s enduring, impervious influence.

And we know exactly what Gaga era we're in! (The Vogue Hommes Japan photoshoot mini-era, better known nowadays for spawning Jo Calderone. Yeesh. Gaga fandom has such involved continuity.)

Anyway, if you've got $480,000 of disposable income, Gaga donated the urinal to They're now selling it to one buyer who'll have a lot more bragging and/or pissing rights. If you don't have that much cash, but still have more cash than most people, according to Reuters you can also buy Gaga's brass "Bad Romance" headgear for $24,000 or the white dress from the "Puke on Gaga" video also for $24,000. What "Puke on Gaga" video, you might be asking? We asked the same thing! It's this one. Don't worry, it's sorta safe for work, if possibly not for life.

(Oh, and since you stuck around after the video: you can now make your "Scheisse" jokes. Satisfied? Good. You're as mature as we are.)