You Could Have Met Harry Styles' Mom and All You Would Have Had to Do Was Buy a Car

Directioners, how much would you pay for the opportunity to meet the woman who brought Harry Styles into this world? $100? $500? What if she threw in a Mini Cooper, would that make it worth your while?

That was the sweet deal made by one British Direction fan, who was the lucky recipient of a face-to-face meeting with Anna Cox and one slightly-used convertible after bidding 6,000 pounds (roughly $9,500) on eBay for the experience.

The Mini convertible was a Mother's Day gift from Hazza in 2011, which leads us down some concerning mental territory: Is Anna having financial difficulties? Is Harry not sharing any of that Pepsi money with her? Or—God forbid—is there some sort of mother-son rift going on here?

Better instead to concentrate on the grand prize, the personal meeting between Anna and the anonymous woman from Newcastle who made the winning bid. What do you think they talked about? Harry's X Factor auditionOur MILFs and DILFs list? Mountaineering? What we wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall...

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