First Scotty McCreery bringing his mother to a bawl, now this. Katy Perry enlisted rock legend Stevie Nicks (of solo and Fleetwood Mac fame) to deliver the preamble for the trailer to her latest video "The One That Got Away"—all about the past and lost love and regret and what have you—and apparently, the clip hit quite close to come for ol' Stevie. "About a minute in, I just began to cry," she says of the first time she watched it. "It reminded me of my own life and losses, and of the last fight that Lindsey Buckingham and I the time it ended, I said, 'Well, that's just the saddest thing I've ever seen!' That was exactly the reaction she wanted. So she handed me the type-written pages and I read my lines."

Exactly the reaction she wanted, you say? Great, Katy, really just great. Reminding your rock/pop predecessors of the most tragic, gazillion-selling-album-inspiring moments of their romantic lives, reducing them to tears, just to get them to agree to deliver some ridiculous video prologue? This isn't how your parents raised you, Katy. (Though we suppose little of what you do these days came directly from your parents' guidance, precisely. Fair enough.)