Kelly Clarkson's video for "Mr. Know It All" is full of swipes at the haters, loosely defined here as "media outlets." Here's what happens:

1. Kelly sings beside a wind machine and a lot of bad press. Specifically, there's a wall full of bad press clips, a ton of which are duplicates (aw, Kelly, you really didn't have to keep multiple copies of those hateriffic newspapers around to look at), at least one of which is in a Wild West font (aw, typographers, you... really didn't have to) and one of which, at 1:04, is about Obama for some reason. And yes, some of these clips--the "why so single" and such--are unnecessary and harsh, but as for the rest, the newspapers just report on the news. They don't make it. They can't report on Kelly Clarkson having creative differences with her label, which happened, and turn the headline through PR magic into "Kelly Clarkson And Label Are Full Of Mutual Love!"

2. We get to see Mr. Know It All himself--he's shrouded in smoke and has stubble. Kelly sings at him. He is impassive. This part works pretty well.

3. Kelly sits back for her entertainment routine, including a quick breeze through a site called P Gossip (it's probably Pop Gossip with the first word cut off) where all the commenters have numbers after their usernames and where both post and comments are fairly positive. The copy does fall all over itself to point out Stronger's multiple leaks, and the Bruno Mars/P!nk comparisons get called out, but for the most part, this seems like...good press? Maybe all these media outlets--and fans!--only think that they love Kelly. (And yes, the track still sounds like "Just the Way You Are," and no, it's not hating to point out actual similarities.) Kelly is more amused than upset.

4. She packs up her things and heads for the open road that's materialized behind a hole in the great wall of clips. We kinda wish we'd seen her smash the wall, but let's say it's implied. Also, her band (shadows of a band, at least) is behind there, probably in the brush someplace. It's meaningful!

This post is probably going to be construed as hating. It really isn't. The video works well. We're just a bit biased by nature of being media, that's all.