Comedian Tig Notaro is Popdust's "funny friend." Need proof? Watch her be funny for us at last year's VMAs.

And she's funny even without the help of Ray Ray's bow tie, believe it or not. The deliciously dry Notaro has been heralded as one of the most brave and insightful comedians by the likes of Huffington Post, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone. In an performance at Largo Theater in Los Angeles this past August, Tig wove the fresh news of her breast cancer diagnosis into her routine. Comedian Louis CK called it a "truly masterful [performance]."

It'd be irresponsible of us not to do everything we can to get you to check out her sophomore comedy album LIVE, which documents the highs (setting out to film a pilot) and lows (cancelling shooting due to a bout of pneumonia) of the four months leading to that performance at Largo. We're thrilled to announce that Tig is cancer-free and her album is humor-ful.

Think we're just biased? Entertainment Weekly has already released sung praises. Do yourself a favor and LIVE a little.