Amazing new scientific research from the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development the New York Daily News informs us that this year has been even better for PSY than we thought: Besides topping the charts with "Gangnam Style," it turns out the the tubby K-pop star's satire of upper class mores possesses a preternatural ability to charm the tears out of babies the world over.

The Daily News spotlights two such tots whose tantrums have been put to rest by a handy helping of the "Gangnam Style" music video. First up is the adorably apple-cheeked Benjamin Tsai of London, whose picky eating habits confounded his father's every effort at feeding time. Until papa got the brilliant idea to head over to YouTube for some lunchtime jams:

Voila! Baby is transfixed by the trenchant social commentary of "Gangnam Style," and offers up no resistance to the nourishment.

Stateside, West Virginian infant Claire Bowman too found herself soothed by PSY's stinging critique of the mindless consumer lifestyle of Seoul's upper crusts:

Clearly, infants are eating up the satire in the video, easily digesting its biting wit without being distracted by the bright colors and pulsating rhythms that are so charming to adult viewers. Baby Einstein, more like Baby Orwell!