Contests where fans can win a chance to hang out with their favorite pop star don't always go super-well—cough, cough—but we have a good feeling about this one: As part of Pepsi's promotion for Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show, the singer is inviting 100 of her biggest fans to join her on broadcast television's biggest stage this February.

The contest itself is pure Web 2.0 social media branding strategy: Fans can send Pepsi a picture of themselves doing one of a series of specific poses, Pepsi will use these photos in a commercial, and of these the soda company will choose 50 entrants to grace the stage with Bey herself. (They'll also get to bring a friend with them, which is how we get to 100. Can't have any lonely fans Eeyore-ing up the show!)

What will these fans do once their onstage? We're not sure yet, but given the amount of work kids will likely put into this, we hope they give them more to do than just jump up and down in an adoring fashion. Is a mass dance-off too much to hope for? We will accept both "Single Ladies" and "Countdown."

Fans have until January 11 to submit their shots at Pepsi's halftime show website. Good luck!