Album tracklist unveilings are a weird proposition, exciting, intriguing and ultimately totally meaningless. It feels like you're getting insight into the new album by your favorite artist, but really, it's just a bunch of words that you hope to be able to over-analyze and derive some sort of insight from, though likely none exists to be gleaned.

Is there much to be learned from the recently leaked tracklist to One Direction's hugely anticipated sophomore album Take Me Home? Nah. It's not like a 2 Chainz album where there's a ton of guests and notable producers on every track–as far as we can tell, it's just 1D through and through—and all the song titles sound like they could be One Direction song titles, with no curse words, political ruminations or gender pronoun flipping.

Still, you wanna see the titles, don't you? We understand.

Standard Tracklist:

1. Live While We’re Young

2. Kiss You

3. Little Things

4. C'mon, C'mon

5. Last First Kiss

6. Heart Attack

7. Rock Me

8. Change My Mind

9. I Would

10. Over Again

11. Back For You

12. They Don’t Know About Us

13. Summer Love

Bonus Tracks (Available on the Deluxe & Yearbook Editions)

14. She’s Not Afraid

15. Loved You First

16. Nobody Compares

17. Still The One

Maybe "Still the One" is an Orleans cover? Maybe "Rock Me" takes on Great White? Maybe "Summer Love" is the group's second interpolation of the signature Grease tune? In all cases, probably not. Still, we may as well get familiar with these song titles now, since we're sure to be spending a lot of time with them in the not-too-distant future. (We're gonna guess that "C'mon, C'mon" is gonna be the best one. Not sure why, but it sounds promising.)