Bejesus girl, you’ll catch your death in that!!

Mariah Carey was her usual Diva-licious self while walking her dog in the snow Saturday night—and Popdust has the photo.

The 43-year-old mom-of-two took a stroll in the freezing cold snow in Aspen in…. a red bikini.

As you do.


Meanwhile, Mimi is certainly looking forward to the holidays this year.

“We always do really fun, tricky things for each other for Christmas and this year I'm just, like, let's make it about the babies, because they're only going to get this year once where they're really going to understand it for the first time,” she told Access Hollywood.

“This is the first time they're really getting that Christmas is an event that they are going to receive gifts.

“Now they see the tree and they light up. They're so excited ... it's amazing for me to watch and to re-live.”