If you're one of those people who loves April Ludgate—yes, we're sure "Aubrey Plaza" is a totally different person from her Parks & Recreation character in real life, but screw that—more with every pouty glance, every eye-roll and every condescending answer to a sincere question, then wait till you get a load of "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings." The new music video from ex-Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman (now known Father John Misty—don't question it) features Ludgate/Plaza eschewing the whole apathetic post-grad thing for something significantly more batshit insane. L/P eats flowers, smears makeup, strips, smokes an apple (MacGuyver!), breaks a turntable, and maybe kills somebody (though it might just be a ghost and you can't really kill a ghost).

Somewhat needless to say, the video is incredibly awesome. Slightly more surprising is that the song is every bit its equal, a lovely and hypnotic (and unsurprisingly drum-heavy—hey, this is baby's time to shine!) mid-tempo number that provides the perfect calming contrast to the video's chaotic (though also quite lovely) visuals. It's like a better version of what Broken Social Scene attempted last year with their similarly murderous and celeb-starring "Sweetest Kill" video, and that was a pretty cool thing in itself. Watch it over at EW, for real, and check out that BSS video below because it's also good.