It's the 14th Rule of Pop: When you release a single called "Roar" you've gotta put animals in the music video somewhere. Luckily Katy Perry got the memo; her upcoming video for the first Prism single finds the California Girl surviving a jungle plane crash and encountering all manner of wild beasts. Point in this clip's favor: There's an elephant in it. (No piece of filmed media was ever diminished by the inclusion of an elephant.) Point two in its favor: Katy Perry brushes a crocodile's teeth. Point three in its favor: Katy Perry makes friends with an adorable monkey. Now, monkey-friends are generally a dicier proposition than elephants and crocodiles (see: the first season of Friends) but their success rate at amusing us is still astoundingly high.

(UPDATE: Now with the actual video!)

Watch the music video below: