You didn't think Young Jeezy was going to sit back and let Mariah Carey take all the Obama victory jams for herself, did you? After Jeezy's "My President" unexpectedly became the hip-hop anthem of Obama's first term, the bar was set for a repeat performance if the Prez ended up pulling out a reelection victory. As luck would have it, Obama did—and now, as surely as California goes blue, Jeezy has returned with yet another victory anthem, the barnstorming "We Done It Again."

Before we talk about the song, though, first let's just gaze at its cover for a second:

Yes, Young Jeezy is comparing Obama's win over Mitt Romney to the victory at Iwo Jima. Does it make sense as a metaphor? Not really, but it's still great.

Back to the song! From the start, "We Done It Again" is a much better song than "My President"—there's no line nearly as egregious as "honey's a pole-itician" in this one. Over a funky '70s beat, Yeezy raps abut what an Obama victory would mean for "every ghetto in the world," dropping references to Trayvon Martin and Hurricane Katrina to make a point for black solidarity: "It's us against the world." Along the way he also offers a concise summation of the Obama campaign argument: "Can't fix in one term what Bush f---ed up in two."

Which brand of Obama victory song do you prefer? Mariah's soaring inspiration, or Jeezy's gritty slice-of-life tales?