Here are the facts, as we know them so far, about Aaliyah's posthumous album:

1. It is going to exist.

2. The cover looks like this. Note the logo for Blackground Records, run by Aaliyah's uncle:

3. Drake, who really likes Aaliyah, and Noah "40" Shebib are probably going to handle most of the production. He says the whole thing will be out by the end of the year; meanwhile, one track, "Enough Said," currently exists. It is... well, it's existent.

4. Timbaland is not happy. Depending on which rumor you read, he may or may not be working on a few tracks, but not the whole thing.

5. This is all happening because it is August--the rumors got serious on Aug. 1--and long, drawn-out, tiresome and tedious things always happen in August. Clearly.

Got that? Great. Now here's the he said / he said (she, being Aaliyah, is unfortunately unable to speak on the matter; this entire story is basically a handful of dudes playing keep-away with Aaliyah's legacy) on the album, specifically who is OK with what:

Aaliyah's family says: Nope: "There is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family. - Rashad Haughton"

Drake says: Everything that he probably knew he had to: it's not about him or 40 but Aaliyah's memory. Then, some things he really didn't have to say: hey, it's new Aaliyah music, you should be grateful and excited; he definitely did get Aaliyah's family's blessing, quite specifically. Watch for yourself:

Aaliyah's ghost says:

[Consequence of Sound]