As expected, the "Shit ___ Says" meme has become tired quickly, with subsequent iterations failing to match the brilliance of the girlish original. We blame it on the internet's short attention span and budding viral stars' rush to get themselves in the game. But we can all applaud Broadway veteran Christine Pedi for portraying the stage, screen and Home Shopping Network legend known as Liza Minnelli. Say it with us, "with a Z!" The clip below shows Minnelli in her natural habitat, sitting both in front of a mirror and below signs of her insurmountable success, while reminiscing about her late best friend Michael Jackson and congratulating soon to be BFF Beyoncé on the birth of her first child. Theater nerds and Arrested Development fans alike can appreciate Pedi's interpretation of Liza's zest for life, complete with that familiar black turtleneck and long-lasting red lipstick. While close to perfect, we would have included more use of "baby" and references to The Liza Collection in order to fully represent all facets of her life. Happy to see you too, old friend. Watch below.