Your Requisite Blue Monday and MLK Day YouTubes

As you no doubt have noticed due to the fact that you probably haven't gone to work or school yet this morning, today is a big day for our country. It is Martin Luther King, Jr. day, observed the third Monday of each January, in honor of the great man's Jan. 15th birthday. In addition to that, however, today is also Blue Monday—the scientifically-derived (though arguably dubious) Most Depressing Day of the Year, also concluded to be the third Monday of the calendar year. And as if that's not enough, Jan. 16th is also deceased R&B legend Aaliyah's birthday—the much-beloved R&B singer would have been 33 years old today.

All of this, of course, demands some obligatory YouTube viewing. We've got you covered below—check out the two best pop songs about Martin Luther King, the two best songs called "Blue Monday," and two of the best Aaliyah jams from back in the day. (We go back and forth too much on the latter to act too definitive about it.) Of course, if you are one of the lucky stiffs with the day off today, you might want to save all this viewing for tomorrow and just go back to sleep for the rest of the day today—you may as well take advantage of those all-too-rare opportunities to go an entire weekday without hearing an alarm clock go off.

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