If you're already hearing locals gripe about parking and makeshift traffic patterns over the impending holiday weekend, you know we're four days away from the inaugural Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. Preparation has begun on Jay-Z's big, bad music fest that promises to host the likes of Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Drake and Calvin Harris, and has inspired Ron Howard to grab a camera and head down 1-95. While Jay-Z's headlining set, plus his determination to bring only the best and most diverse acts together in the name of drinking Bud heavies, is enough to sustain any full-length documentary we'd most definitely watch, insiders are saying that Howard's real plan is to capture a super-secret guest performance by Hov's wife. Beyoncé is rumored to be taking the stage on Saturday, in a cameo that will be nothing short of amazing, incredible and yet another piece of delightful fodder Blue Ivy can share as an ice breaker during college orientation. "The performance is top secret but it will be filmed for Jay's documentary about the event. It's going to be epic," a source explains to the Huffington Post. Obviously.

This is almost something we don't want to talk about too much in fear of jinxing 50,000 people's chances at seeing the First Couple share the stage for the first time since 2010's Coachella Festival. Beyoncé? Sure, she's the best performer in the world (period) and all, but who really wants to see someone "super-duper special" to Jay take the stage when we could be watching Michelle Williams sing the hook to "Forever Young"?  Note: We are, and always will be, very bad liars.

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