Yung Mavu's drops goblets of fire with viral track "Black Magic (Black Harry Potter)"

Don't sleep on Yung Mavu (2017's answer to Rich Chigga).

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Who is Yung Mavu?

Little is known about Yung Mavu, a rapper whose Facebook page describes him as nothing more than "a young artist from Belgium," but that hasn't stopped him from dropping one of the hottest tracks of the new year.

In a video that was released last week, Yung Mavu (who is reportedly only 16) spit some serious fire in track inspired by Harry Potter. The video went viral, but nobody's talking about it yet.

Peep Yung Mavu's Black Magic (Black Harry Potter) video here:

The video has been a huge hit, mainly thanks to its "intriguing combination of rap tropes and Harry Potter references." The song samples Raisi K the RaisinMan's track "Havoc in Hogwarts," which is itself a hard-hitting trap remix of "Hedwig's Theme" by John Williams, the famous theme to the Harry Potter movie series.

Yung Mavu previewed the track for some friends in June, and one of them tweeted his performance of the song. After over 8,000 retweets, Yung Mavu decided to write a whole track.

The viral explosion of the "Black Harry Potter" video has music bloggers everywhere comparing Yung Mavu to Rich Chigga, the 17-year-old star of last year's biggest viral hit, "Dat $tick" (and the infamous remix with Ghostface Killa and Pouya). But can Yung Mavu continue dropping hits?

We'd love to see Childish Gambino and Lil Dicky on a remix of "Black Magic," btw. MAKE IT HAPPEN, UNIVERSE.

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