Zac Efron Gives Ellen DeGeneres Lap Dance And Then A Twerk!

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Zac Efron Gives Ellen DeGeneres Lap Dance

We would forgive Zac Efron anything if he would throw on his leather pants give us a lap dance.

Hot on the heels of his Martin Luther King Day Twitter faux pas he appeared on the Ellen show to promote his latest movie Dirty Grandpa.

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Luckily for all of us, Ellen decided on a game of Heads Up, and in honor of the film, he had to do some "dirty things".  The 'Bad Behavior' category provided exactly the right material and when the first word he had to act out was lap dance, he didn't hesitate to oblige and treated Ellen to a sexy lap dance in his tight leather pants (wasted on her, I was available dammit).

Clearly Efron is not an avid Tinder user, as when that one came up he mimed texting, not the giveaway all important swipe to the right.  If the audience enjoyed the lap dance they had more treats in store and went wild when the 28 year old hottie had to twerk. He delivered a faintly awkward twerk to the excitement of the screaming female crowd and clearly realizing they were in danger of being pushed over the edge, he merely acted out the next challenge, which was skinny dipping.

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Seriously, after seeing his package in those leather pants I think I might have dived into the TV if he'd actually stripped.

Check out the video—you're welcome.

Zac Efron Gives Ellen DeGeneres Lap Dance

Zac Efron Gives Ellen DeGeneres Lap Dance

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