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Zac Efron's romance with model Sami Miro is over after nearly two years of dating.

Popdust exclusively reported last year that the relationship was in trouble with constant arguments, and it now seems that the spark has died for Zac.


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The green-eyed monster had always been a factor in the relationship. Super-sexy Zac has girls literally falling at his feet every time he leaves the house, which any girlfriend would find difficult. He was worried himself though, that she may revenge-cheat on him—as our source said last year;

"It drives her crazy to imagine how they behave when she’s not around!

Sami’s a gorgeous girl who gets plenty of love from the opposite sex as well. Zac’s not especially jealous, but he worries she might do something to punish him out of her own jealousy.”

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There are rumors circling that she may have played away at Coachella last weekend which would not have helped the relationship—although why anyone would anyone cheat on Zac is beyond us.

Another factor is that Zac's career is riding high at the moment, with successes in Baywatch and Neighbors 2. He is super busy and just doesn't have the time to devote to a relationship—especially one that's curdled a bit. It was actually Zac who made the ultimate decision to call time on the coupling, and a source tells E!Online;

"It wasn't an easy break up.  Distance and work schedules got in the way with their relationship and Zac wanted to focus on his career."

Apparently Sami didn't take the news well and is heartbroken. She hasn't removed any pictures him on her social media, but he has unfollowed her and deleted all photos of her from his Instagram.


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