Zac Efron Will Pull His Dick Out—But Only For An Academy Award

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Zac Efron naked movie academy award bid—he'll pull it out, but there better be something hard, bright and shiny as a reward for doing so

Zac Efron's naked movie academy award bid makes us wonder what he'd be willing to do for an Oscar AND a Golden Globe...

Maybe one day we'll find out—but, in the meantime, he's set his boundaries—for an Oscar.

And, that will be his dick.

Zac says he's willing to “pull it out" if there's a chance of winning an Academy Award for doing so.

Dang! Poor Leonardo DiCaprio had to get “raped by a bear" before he finally managed to score one….

Efron set out his nekkid payoff parameters during an interview with Elle magazine:

Let's just say I'm not opposed to anything. But if you're gonna pull your dick out, it'd better be for an Academy Award-winning movie.


We commend your career-grounded morality structure Mr. Efron.

In the meantime, Zac has no issue with showing off his rock hard abs, even if it only scores him a Rotten Tomato.

Zac's so fond of flashing the flesh, Variety once even quipped that he has a shirtless clause written into movie contracts.

So, is Efron concerned about his future leading man bankability—given the inevitable hands of time and effects of gravity?


He's looking to everyone's favorite weed smoking, naked bongo player as an example for keeping in shape no matter what age you are.

Efron tells Elle:

I don't know. I look at Matthew McConaughey. He's maintained [his body] his whole career.
We know so much more now than we used to about [the effects of] being sedentary.
I'm driven. I want to attack life. I want to do a triathlon.

That's great Zac, but personally, we'd rather you focus all your energy right now on landing a role in an Academy Award winning movie.

Just sayin'…

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Zac Efron naked movie academy award bid parameters

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Zac Efron naked movie academy award bid parameters

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