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It’s love on the rocks for Zac Efron, 27, and Sami Miro, his girlfriend of one year.

The High School Musical hunk wished his model/designer gal pal a Happy Anniversary on September 5, but an inside source tells Popdust exclusively that the “happy” couple is just trying to keep up appearances. “They have not been getting along well at all. They’ve been fighting almost constantly.”

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Zac Efron’s Romance Love On The Rocks p

Jealousy seems to be at the root of the problem and our source continues; “He says she has a wandering eye, she thinks he has a wandering eye. Every time they go out girls literally throw themselves at Zac, right in front of Sami! It drives her crazy to imagine how they behave when she’s not around!”

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Meanwhile, Zac appears to be suffering at he hands of the green eyed monster as well. “Sami’s a gorgeous girl who gets plenty of love from the opposite sex as well. Zac’s not especially jealous, but he worries she might do something to punish him out of her own jealousy.”

She would prefer to keep the hunky Neighbors star on a short leash. “Sami is all about clean living-no drugs or booze, so initially, she was a great influence on Zac, but now she’s kind of like a parole officer. She can’t stand when he goes out with his friends, and she’s always checking up on him to make sure he’s not drinking or drugging. He tells her that he already has a mother, and it turns into a big screaming match.”

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Look out for the announcement soon folks.

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