Zedd Remixes "365," His Collaboration with Katy Perry

The Russian-German electronic music hit maker has transformed "365" — a parable of heartbreak, obsession and the perils of technology — into a bass heavy club fantasia.

In the world of electronic pop, Zedd, Russian-German DJ/musician/producer/cherubic millennial, is the king.

His debut album, Clarity, featured several charting singles and its title track earned him a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

Now, Zedd is back with a new remix of "365," his collaboration with Katy Perry, and an accompanying video.

The original version of "365" is a bleak, dystopian lament about unrequited love - specifically, the love (at first simulated and then real) felt by a robot woman (Perry) for the human man (Zedd) she's been assigned to as a spouse facsimile. This sci-fi tragedy is set to Perry's smooth vocals, which glide over a reggaeton-ish beat and the standard collection of pop chords.

Zedd, Katy Perry - 365 (Official)

Zedd's remix, meanwhile, swaps out the mid-tempo Caribbean beat for a more standard up-tempo deep house pulse, and speeds up and distorts the vocals.

The remix video strips things down even further: instead of a tale of a synthetic woman scorned (which was beautifully shot and directed by Warren Fu), all we see are two robots, one gold, and one silver, in a silent, unmoving embrace. Only the background changes, shifting its optical effects to align itself with the track's club-ready buildups and releases.

Whether you prefer "365" in its original, more soulful, form, or its entirely clubbified remix is moot: they serve different purposes effectively and brilliantly.

Zedd, Katy Perry - 365 (Zedd Remix)

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