Zolita Celebrates Her Sexuality In New 'Holy' Music Video

It's a revelatory, but gut-wrenching, work of art.

Adorned with symbolic imagery of the bonds of sisterhood, Zolita's jarring but significant new music video Holy is a cinematic short film, clocking in at over six minutes. Coming off the viral success of her previous video Explosion (five million views and counting), the 21-year-old alt-pop enchantress engages the physical senses and the mind in the new clip and explores the sheer capability of feminism and solidarity in a way that is both assertive and intimate. "The music video is about a girl in a dystopian patriarchal schoolhouse who goes on to lead a rebellion alongside the girl she loves," Zolita says of the video (below).

Holy is lifted from her 2015 debut project, the Immaculate Conception EP (out now).

During the video premiere party earlier this week, Zolita gathered together individuals of all walks of life -- friends, colleagues and fellow creatives came to one spot to celebrate acceptance in its purest form. Popdust was extremely honored to be in such an inclusive and vibrant community, where every person felt safe, secure and unafraid to embrace the unique parts of themselves and those of others. In the aftermath of unimaginable tragedy, an understanding of truth and life hung in the air like the glowing orbs which dazzled overhead.

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Zolita continues describing the impactful new video: "Given the recent political climate, I feel incredibly lucky to have made a video that covers the idea of escaping oppression let alone embracing same-sex relationships. The severity of the video's conclusion was the most challenging to shoot for everyone involved. But I knew it was thematically crucial because ultimately this is a story of a girl who sacrifices everything for what she believes in. In the end, not only is she immortalized, but so are her ideas. She teaches the other girls something that transcends herself and ultimately plants the seeds for further overthrow of an unjust system - and the birth of a cult of girls."

Watch below:

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