Zooey Deschanel's musical ventures have begun to garner more attention than her acting roles, given the large response her homemade singalong videos—with certain cute friends—have received over the last few months. Thankfully Fox has given Deschanel an additional outlet for her creative pursuits, in the form of prime-time series New Girl, which, less than a full season in, has already allowed her plenty of room to get musical—water glasses! The show's theme, "Hey Girl," is sung by Deschanel and brought to life in a short but sweet opening credit sequence. But because the awkward dance moves of her male costars were being criminally underused, the entire cast has put together a lengthy and elaborate musical number. Jess puts her own spin on Carrie Bradshaw's signature floral pin, while the room around her turns into a '60s dance party, parting the seas for a grand tap solo and black and white cabaret routine. But is this all the product of her overly active mind? Probably. Watch below.