Zooey Deschanel never wanted our love, but she needed it all. Or at least that was she sings on her song "Never Wanted Your Love," a cut from 2013's Volume 3, a collaborative set as part of the duo She & Him (along with singer and musician M. Ward). Following several other full-length indie projects, the sun-baked pop duo have hit the big leagues, scoring a record deal with Sony's Columbia Records.

Previously, Deschanel & Ward were signed to the independent label Merge Records. This next step in their trajectory is a welcome one, indeed. The duo's first record on the new home is expected this fall, a rep confirmed with Billboard.

To-date, their four studio sets, which includes a much-heralded Christmas-themed one, have moved over one million copies.

We all know Deschanel as this incredibly talented actress, having portrayed some of the most memorable characters in film and TV in recent years. She's stolen our hearts with such roles in 500 Days Of Summer and the hit FOX comedy New Girl. But she's been pursuing music for much, much longer. In 2001, the singer-actress formed a jazz ensemble in LA and was involved, musically, in such films as The New Guy and Elf.

Likewise, Ward has as storied and impressive career. His debut album Duet For Guitar #2 originally came in 1999. It was later followed by Transfiguration Of Vincent, which catapulted him into the national scene. He is also a member of Monsters Of Folk.

Ward and Deschanel connected in 2007, by way of director Martin Hynes--who was heading The Go-Getter at the time. During filming, he asked the two musicians to perform a duet for the film. And the rest is history. Volume 1 arrived the following year.

More details surrounding She & Him's upcoming set to be announced soon.


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