4 Reasons Mack Weldon Is The Only Valentine’s Day Gift for the Man in Your Life

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Here's what I've learned dating a man with an amazing fashion sense: no matter how stylish he is on the outside, often the stuff you can't see—and yes, I mean underwear—is sadly neglected. We're talking holes, cheap material, an unflattering fit—the whole nine yards. If that sounds familiar, then this Valentine's Day, why not do your significant other (and, let's be honest, yourself) a favor? Gift him the 18-hour Jersey boxer brief from the connoisseur of stylish menswear basics, Mack Weldon. They're engineered to be ridiculously comfortable, they look as good as they feel, and because Mack Weldon is so easy to order (and re-order) from, this is a gift that guarantees to replace all the sad pairs of underwear your boyfriend's had since college for good. Besides, if he can get you sexy underwear, why shouldn't you be able to do the same for him?

Here are 4 reasons why Mack Weldon underwear is this year's perfect Valentine's Day gift.

1. 18-hour Jersey boxer briefs are insanely comfortable.

Mack Weldon takes comfort seriously. If they can't find the fabric they need, then they'll invent it—and that's exactly what they did for their 18-hour jersey boxer brief, now their most popular style. It's made from a blend of cotton, beechwood modal, and Lycra, and the fabric sits for 18 hours before it's cut so the material won't stretch out. The result? A consistent fit that's insanely durable and soft.

2. Style shouldn't end with clothing.

Just because we don't walk around in our underwear (well, all the time) doesn't mean it shouldn't look good. What sets Mack Weldon apart is their style, that perfect hard-to-achieve balance between refined and relaxed. Their secret is impeccable attention to detail a wide selection of solid and patterned designs that are more than easy on the eye.

3. It's the only "smart" underwear out there.

Mack Weldon does not mess around. Not only is the fabric innovative, but the design is too. So, what makes underwear "smart," you ask? For starters, a mesh zone to keep you fresh and cool, a signature no-roll waistband for max comfort, and a stay-put leg design that won't ride up throughout the day.

4. You're guaranteed to never have to think about buying underwear again.

With a Try-On Guarantee and free shipping with refunds, once your man knows Mack Weldon is right for him, he never has to worry about shopping for underwear again (and you won't have to bug him about it). Their fit and sizing is consistent, so simply re-order. Plus, with just one purchase you'll become a member of the loyalty program, which means awesome perks and savings on the basics men need and love.

This Valentine's Day, don't get your boyfriend another pair of cheesy heart boxers that you don't actually expect him to take seriously. With their flawless design, practical comfort, and meticulous style, Mack Weldon takes everyday basics seriously. And with over 20 colors to choose from, you're going to love how your man looks outside and in.

Follow this link to get your man comfortable or your money back.

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