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Snoop Dogg Starts a Fight Club

Snoop Dogg, Triller, and Fight Club sounds like a strange mad libs combo, but it's real life.

Snoop Dogg at the Tyson v Jones fight

When the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. boxing match aired, fans were treated to hearing Snoop Dogg on the commentary team. Drawing in over a million viewers on pay-per-view, the boxing match was fodder for many a meme and much internet commentary — from Nate Robinson's knockout at the hands of Jake Paul to Mike Tyson's cannabis company.

But the star of the show was Snoop Dogg's commentary.

The rapper kept up a steady stream of jokes throughout the fight, even singing hymns for Nate Robinson, in what fans are calling the best sports commentary they've heard in years — maybe ever.

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Film Lists

The 8 Worst Sex Scenes in Movie History

Sometimes, love scenes aren't so hot.


You would think trained actors would be able to have good sex on camera.

But a good sex scene is hard to film well, and when it doesn't go well the end result can easily make stomachs churn. There are some films that just stick with you for all the wrong reasons, and these eight films take the cake for the most gut-wrenching and cringe-worthy sex scenes in cinema.

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Death Cab For Cutie Releases "The Georgia EP" to Raise Money for Fair Fight

The EP will be available to purchase for a 24-hour period on Friday, December 4th.

Death Cab For Cutie

Beloved and iconic alt-emo outlet Death Cab For Cutie is releasing an EP of covers, called "The Georgia EP," which will be exclusively available for a 24-hour period on Friday, December 4th.

The release, available only on Bandcamp, features covers of artists from the great state of Georgia. Here's the full tracklist:

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11 of the Weirdest Commercials of All Time

Most commercials only want your money. These want your sanity.

In the world of advertising, grabbing the viewer's attention is key.

Sure, you could just list off the benefits of whatever you're selling in a straightforward manner, but is that going to leave an impression?

You want your audience to take notice. You want to keep them thinking about your ad for days and weeks afterward — to infect their brains with a little consumerist parasite that reminds them to cough up their money in pursuit of a false sense of fulfillment. So anything you can do to make your ad stand out from the crowd is a good thing, right?

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Claire and Jamie, "Outlander"

Normally, cuffing season would be just taking off around this time of year, and you'd be narrowing down your romantic roster to ensure you end up with someone to cuddle through the winter months. But as the weather gets colder and the pandemic rages on, the odds of finding a significant other get slimmer and slimmer.

Since there are only so many "I miss you" texts you can send to your ex just to feel something before they block your number, maybe it's time to start fixating on fictional romantic couples to fill that void in your heart. While you could certainly use this time to get really into romance novels, let's be honest: At this point in quarantine, the only thing you're reading is takeout menus.

Submit to 2020 and let the TV binges begin. Here are 10 TV couples so hot that watching them just may keep you warm through the long, cold winter.

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New Releases

Britney Spears Releases A Brand New Single On Her 39th Birthday

Amid a court battle for control over her own life, Britney Spears has released a new song.

Britney's back with a brand new single.

Today is the singer's 39th birthday, and in apparent celebration she dropped "Swimming In The Stars," a straightforward pop song that paints a romantic picture of a couple in love.

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