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Prime Day 2024 Is Here

Landon Speers/Courtesy of the Artist

Last week, Washed Out (Ernest Greene) released his fifth album Notes From A Quiet Place. It's a lush collection of sunny pop songs perfect for a summer drive. The standout track "Running Away" drips with nostalgia and the optimism of young love.

Riding the wave of Hype Machine and the music blog boom of the late 2000s, Greene rose to become one of electronic music's most respected musicians. Tracks like "Feel It All Around" and "Amor Fati" have become modern classics and party playlist staples.

Watch him talk to Jordan Edwards and Demi Ramos about making the new album, life in rural Georgia, and how Portlandia changed his life.

Washed Out Full Interview | It's Real with Jordan and Demi

For more from Washed Out, follow him on Instagram.

It's almost absurd that we're in the middle of July as I write this. I have friends groaning that the summer is over already, which is completely and wholly untrue in my eyes. But enough with the mourning, this article is about happiness (among other things.)

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Ashley Osborn/Courtesy of the Artist

Interview by Jordan Edwards

With a distinctive soulful voice and versatility as a songwriter, Emmy Meli could fit into any era. Her vocals have been compared to Amy Winehouse, and her production draws influences from different decades.

Beyond her voice, Meli's attitude and personality sets her apart from other pop singers. Her clever feminist lyrics recall Meghan Trainor, and her down-to-earth stage presence makes the audience feel like they're at a backyard barbeque. There's no manufactured character here.

Meli first gained attention with the viral 2021 single "I AM WOMAN," which has totaled more 260 million Spotify Streams. Since then, her career has taken off. She recently supported Alexander Stewart on his US tour. We caught up with her at the Echoplex before the Los Angeles show.

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