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All the Best "Simpsons" Memes, Ranked

Because it's the only way to know how you're really feeling.

The Simpsons has been running literally since the beginning of time, and it even managed to produce about five good (read: perfect) seasons of television in that time. As a result, any emotion or experience you have can easily be expressed in terms of Simpsons memes. These 30 just happen to be the best of the best:

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Scott Fleishman

Indie artist BIIANCO truly went above and beyond for her latest release, which is accompanied by nothing less than an interactive video game.

For her brooding new single "that's what friends are for," the LA-based, Queens-born artist and producer was inspired by R. L. Stine's "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style Give Yourself Goosebumps books to create her own multi-scenario music video adventure.

The video starts innocuously enough, following the artist on a motorcycle speeding towards a friend's house. Then, as she enters, the camera pans back to reveal a zombie lurking in the bushes.

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In case you had no childhood and don't know, Brenda Song is a 33-year-old actress known for playing early prototypes of the manic pixie dream girl on kid's shows like Nickelodeon's 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd and Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Brenda Song is NOT, however, a 42-year-old racist banshee who screeches at her co-hosts on the talk show The Real: That's Jeannie Mai. In 2019, Twitter did not compute the difference between these two Asian women, despite their different ethnic backgrounds.

Let's hop into our time machine to ask the unthinkable: Have we as a society made...progress?

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