7 Easy Ways To Help Your Dog Live A Long, Healthy Life

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When I adopted my Corgi, Carl, I noticed some health issues pretty quickly-- he was always gassy and would sometimes throw up after eating. When I took him to the vet, she asked about what I was feeding him and it turns out, his kibble was the problem. The kibble I'd been giving him was filled with all sorts of stuff that was bad for him, like artificial preservatives and chemicals. The vet explained that, just like with humans, what I feed Carl actually matters and will affect his health and could even affect his lifespan. Thankfully, my best friend has two dogs and is always giving me pet advice. She taught me about the right way to feed my dog, and her secret is Ollie. Since switching to Ollie, I've seen the real difference healthier ingredients can make. Here's what you need to know.

Avoid wheat, give your dog protein instead.

Processed grains and wheat can make your dog lethargic and can cause problems with the GI tract. Apparently, the kibble I was feeding Carl was loaded with processed grains and was contributing to his gassiness and vomiting. When I switched to Ollie, his GI problems basically disappeared after a couple of weeks, and his gassiness no longer woke me up in the middle of the night (I told you it was a serious problem!)

Only give your dog human-grade dog food.

Human-grade simply means high-quality ingredients that are so good humans can eat them. Many dog foods are classified as "feed" which means companies can legally use the meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals to make the food; traces of euthanasia drugs have even been found in some dog food. That is not the case with human-grade dog food. Ollie works with certified canine specialists to create the perfect formulas, and you know every ingredient that goes into the food.

See "meal" listed on the package? Skip it!

This is shocking and pretty gross but "meat meal" is just a prettier way of saying "rendered meat," meaning the by-products or leftover meat from fallen animals. It's often listed as chicken meal or beef meal so it doesn't sound so bad. Ingredients that show up in "rendered" meat can include materials like plastic, blood, feathers, and even roadkill. You know what I say to that? No, thank you!

Always opt for fresh food and ingredients.

Shelf-stable and canned dog food has to go through so much processing that it's essentially stripped of all its nutrients by the time it gets to the store. To make up for this, processed dog food is injected with synthetic vitamins and minerals and artificial flavors to make the kibble edible. This is extremely unhealthy for the dog and can cause digestive issues, low energy, weight gain, coat and skin problems, and can even lead to degenerative disease. Carl was already having problems with digestion and energy, and feeding him fresh food and ingredients has helped him tremendously.

Know the ideal portions for your specific breed.

A dog that is at a healthy weight is more likely to live a longer life than an overweight one. Knowing this made me worried for Carl because he definitely had a few extra pounds around the middle. Lots of dog food brands categorize their food by "adult" or "puppy," but there are many other factors that contribute to a healthy diet and weight range. By considering things like your dog's activity level, health issues, how much your dog eats and other traits personalized to them and their breed, Ollie's is able to use this information to determine the best meal plan for your dog.

Beware of preservatives.

Kibble and traditional dog food are often filled with artificial preservatives and chemicals to stretch out shelf life for months or even years (real food should not last this long!). Some of these preservatives are the same chemicals used in pesticides and even in the production of rubber. Because Ollie delivers directly to consumers, there are no harmful chemicals that can pose a risk of toxicity to your dog. I get the exact pre-portioned amount I need for Carl in each delivery, so I don't even have to think about it.

Know what's safe to feed your dog.

I always knew not to feed Carl chocolate, but I didn't know what foods were safe and actually healthy for him. Thankfully, Ollie does. Some of Ollie's recipes include carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, blueberries, rosemary, basil, and even chia seeds. Sounds like things I'd eat! That's the point - human-grade.

Can You Remember All That? Ollie's Got Ya Covered!

Ollie delivers fresh, all-natural meals consisting of the finest, human-grade ingredients. Ollie's customized menus are backed by certified canine nutritionists who ensure that the food is gently cooked in a USDA-regulated kitchen to provide the highest quality and safety. Ollie takes your dog's health seriously, and knows that a healthy dog is a happy dog (and a happy you!).

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