Seven Signs Stress Is Taking Over More Than You Think

Seven Signs Stress Is Taking Over More Than You Think

We’ve heard it all before: “Some stress is good stress.” However, good stress tends to tiptoe and teeter right along the edge of unhealthy stress.

Too much - or chronic stress - can lead to long-term, serious repercussions on the body. It’s been known to be a major contributor to hormonal irregularities as well as heart and blood-related concerns.* Not only does stress impact your internal functions, but too much stress can even start to cause external problems like acne, eczema, and even permanent hair loss.

Here are seven signs of stress to keep an eye out for:

  1. Easily agitated - The smallest things can get under your skin
  2. Having a hard time relaxing - You have racing thoughts and can’t turn your brain off
  3. Low energy - No matter the amount of sleep or coffee, you feel sluggish and slow
  4. Inability to focus - You’re constantly distracted and have a hard time focusing on conversations
  5. Headaches - You experience headaches or even migraine that can be caused by muscular tension
  6. Upset stomach and change in appetite - Your eating habits have shifted and you feel nauseous more often than usual
  7. Nervous behavior - You find yourself fidgeting, biting your nails, or pacing

Since stress exhibits itself differently for everyone, finding remedies can be extremely difficult. Managing that stress is far easier said than done, so the best thing you can do for yourself is know your body, and find something that will adapt to you.

Deep breathing, more adequate sleep, journaling, and spending time outdoors can all provide relief, but sometimes you need more.

When it comes to remedies that meet your stress whenever it presents itself, we found the cheat code. Meet Moon Juice’s SuperYou.

SuperYou is a bioactive adaptogenic, carefully created to help you unstress. All of the ingredients in SuperYou are clinically proven to help reduce fatigue, boost your mood, and protect you from stress.

Here are four potent adaptogens in SuperYou that are easily absorbed by the body:

Organic Ashwagandha - Sourced from India, this herb is known to reduce stress and irritability

Wildcrafted Rhodiola - Sourced from Siberia, this rare ingredient is known to reduce fatigue and increase alertness

Organically Grown Shatavari- Sourced from India, this herb from the asparagus family will balance your hormones

Organic Amla- Also known as the Indian gooseberry, this traditionally protects your skin from oxidative stress

Each ingredient in SuperYou was explicitly chosen to target your stress for time-releasing calming sensations.

Here’s how SuperYou tackles stress at every stage: As stress becomes present in the body, Ashwagandha will begin to regulate your cortisol levels, keeping you as cool and calm as possible. As stress continues and your energy lowers, enter Rhodiola to provide additional endurance to reduce fatigue. Prolonged stress starts to impact your skin and hormone levels, which is where Shatavari and Amla help to even out hormones and protect skin from oxidative stress.

All of Moon Juice’s products are vegan, clean, and non-GMO. Unlike other health products on the market, they go through rigorous third-party testing and only use the best and cleanest sources available, making their wide range of products extremely effective.

SuperYou provides that little extra padding for your stress. It can mean the difference between blowing up in anger or remembering to count to 10. Unlike stress remedies that are unique for each individual, SuperYouis made for everyone. Simply taking two capsules a day can lead to smoother, unstressed days.


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