A Mom’s Hack For Staying Healthy While Traveling

A Mom’s Hack For Staying Healthy While Traveling

Editor’s Note: I know kids get sick fairly often, but between traveling, school, and endless after-school activities, my kids have become walking colds. Since I travel for work, I need to be on top of my immune health – not just for me, but for my kids, too! I needed to find a way to get ahead of these travel bugs so I started taking SuperPower. Now I never travel without it.

Before SuperPower:

I travel fairly often for my job, so staying healthy is non-negotiable. The last thing I want is to tote around a cough on the plane, in the Uber, or worse – bring it home to my kids.

Our kitchen cabinets are stocked with Airborne, but I’ve been sick twice in the past three months – and don’t get me started on the flu we all came down with post-holidays.

Once it started affecting my work schedule, I realized that Airborne wasn’t working exactly as I’d hoped. When I was looking through the ingredient list, I also found that it’s also loaded with sugar and fillers, yet didn’t include any Vitamin D – so no surprise I wasn’t feeling my best.

I had a huge conference for my job coming up, so I had to find effective immune support in a matter of weeks. I wanted a product with ingredients I could trust, but also one that gives my body a little bit of an extra boost. Luckily, the hunt didn’t last long since there was only one option that checked all my boxes: Moon Juice.

Moon Juice believes that your immune system doesn’t need to be boosted – it needs to be balanced. SuperPower is designed for when your body is down and needs to be brought back up to its original, balanced state. All its ingredients are sourced in the USA and the Vitamin C in SuperPower is liposomal which means it’s bioavailable and your body absorbs it easily!

They’re also ultra-transparent about their ingredients, sourcing, and dosage, which gave me peace of mind when it came to adding SuperPower to my cart.

After SuperPower:

When SuperPower arrived, it honestly looked like a top-tier beauty product – my Airborne capsules never looked sadder.

SuperPower is packed with a clinical strength blend of 4 immune-boosting ingredients including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Beta-glucans. They work together to balance the immune system, activate cells for a quick response, and support the body during periods of stress.

Moon Juice suggests that you take one a day for daily maintenance. Or, if you feel a bit run down, you can take three a day for ten days. I wasn’t feeling sluggish or anything, but I definitely wanted to be on top of my health for my business trip.

I took 3 capsules the day before and 3 on the day of my trip, and then 1 each day while I was out of town. I felt super balanced and steady throughout all my meetings – and wound up crushing them if I do say so myself. On my travel day back, I took 3 capsules again and 3 during my first full day home.

I didn’t anticipate any benefits beyond not getting sick, but SuperPower goes above and beyond simply supporting my immune system. While I typically get the post-travel hangover and need to reset for an hour or two, I didn’t feel slow at all once I got home – I was able to jump right back into Mom mode and took my kids out for pizza the second I got home!

Taking a holistic approach to my immune health is a game-changer. Not only am I less paranoid about the kindergarten sniffles, but I feel clear-headed and calmer overall. My anxiety about getting sick has fallen by the wayside now that I have the ultimate solution in my cabinets.

I refuse to go on any business trip without SuperPower – it’s the coworker I never knew I needed. Working overtime to both ensure my immune system is strong and healthy while keeping me balanced and clear is something no other immune health brand delivers.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you need SuperPower in your carry-on and in your home. Get 10% Off Now PLUS Free Shipping!

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