The One Gift Our Editors Can't Stop Recommending This Year

The One Gift Our Editors Can't Stop Recommending This Year
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The holiday season is on the horizon and it's never too early to start thinking about what to get everyone on your list.

From that sibling who has it all to that one friend who's super picky, it isn't always easy finding the right gifts.

Our editors combed the internet to find the best holiday presents and came across Atlas Coffee Club - a coffee subscription service that delivers freshly roasted coffee from all around the world!

Atlas Coffee Club lets your giftee travel the globe, one deliciously brewed cup of joe at a time. Every month their taste buds can journey to Kenya, Peru, Brazil, Zambia, Indonesia….the possibilities are endless.

Not only does each delivery fill your loved ones' kitchen with beautifully patterned coffee bags, but the flavors are out of this world. Climate, soil, and many other factors impact the flavor of coffee beans, so each bag will taste different from country to country. No matter where it's from, each batch of Atlas Coffee Club coffee is roasted to order for maximum freshness.

With three different gifting options, Atlas Coffee Club has a coffee gift subscription for everyone.

Starter pack - $60

Perfect for any casual coffee drinker, this 3-month international tour of amazing coffee is a fantastic opportunity for them to explore new, naturally occurring flavors and broaden and refine their coffee palate.

Standard pack - $109

A great gift for an avid coffee drinker, for 6 months they'll receive high-quality coffee from their favorite international destinations they can't find on the shelves and an opportunity to go outside of their coffee comfort zone to uncover single-origin favorites.

Coffee lover - $199

The gift subscription for that person you know has to have a warm cup first thing in the AM and raves about the various notes found in the brew they picked up at that artisanal cafe. Gift them this 12-month coffee subscription where they'll try out a variety of rich and flavorful beans from different cultures around the world, no plane ticket required.

Each package includes:

  • Fresh, single origin coffee from a new country each month
  • A picturesque postcard from each country
  • Country cards with brew tips & flavor notes
  • Free Shipping (applies to US only)

Bonus — you can have any coffee world tour gifts delivered directly to your lucky recipient's inbox via email, and choose the delivery date that works for you! Whether you're a last minute shopper or you're ready to knock out your holiday shopping early, Atlas has you covered. With Atlas Coffee Club, your family and friends can discover high-quality, uniquely delicious coffees that will send them on international taste adventures, month after month.

Don't make holiday gifting a daunting task this year - get every coffee drinker the gift they really want: good coffee.

Atlas Coffee Club is extending an exclusive SPECIAL OFFER to our readers! Follow this link to Get $10 off any of our gift packages or subscriptions!

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