5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Your Dream Job

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The job market is rough. Unemployment has been on the decline the past few years, but that doesn't mean it's any easier to land the job you want. Once you find it, it can be daunting; meeting new people, trying to spin your accomplishments into what this new company wants, and even just choosing an outfit.

There's always been help for every step of the job-interviewing process from résumé building to cover letter writing except for the interview, until now. TopInterview is a one-on-one program that helps you ace the interview process. Their coaching program pairs you with an expert to focus on investigating your weaknesses and turning them into strengths. You can spend hours making edits to your cover letter, but the interview is instant, and if you don't make a great first impression, it's over. TopInterview gives you the skills to win the position of your dreams in the field you want.

Here are some of the biggest "interview don'ts" you'll learn from personal interview training.

You're reciting your résumé.

The potential employer has already given your résumé a once-over. They might've even read it in detail and researched every company on there. When asked about what you do, it's important to flaunt your wins.

You're not applying your previous experience to this job.

Maybe you're switching fields, and starting over. That's great! It's never too late. Translating your skills to new fields or positions is crucial to surviving and thriving in the workplace. TopInterview will pick out your top transferable qualities so an elephant tamer could impress a hedge fund manager with their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Your body language is all wrong.

Maybe you read that, and tried to straighten your back, but are you doing that all the time? Do you raise an eyebrow when you're skeptical? Are you constantly pushing up your glasses or playing with your beard? We effectively know what a good handshake feels like or a confident appearance looks like, but that doesn't necessarily mean we know how to do it ourselves.

You sell yourself short.

You've probably accomplished some incredible achievements; now you need to get across the gravity of those achievements. Interviews are not the time to be modest; go in knowing that you increased profits by 20%. The more numbers you have at your disposal, the better.

You hesitate to answer the basic questions.

What are your greatest strengths? What's your biggest weakness? What's your superpower, your secret sauce, your special skill? What do you like to do in your spare time? Tell us about yourself! Interviewers come up with new wacky questions all the time, but there are some classic standbys that you can expect to hear. Also, when talking about your biggest weakness, you might not want to be too honest, even if you really are late all the time.

Sometimes, landing the job is just luck, but to get to that point, you need to give a killer interview first. If everything goes right and you just never get a call, it happens, but you need to know if the interview is the only thing between you and the job of your dreams. TopInterview eliminates all the guesswork, so you know that when you go in there, you're gonna rock it.

Update: Stop stressing about your interview and practice beforehand. Sign up for expert interview coaching today!