5 Reasons I Trust Biocol Labs To Support My Health

The natural plant-based solution

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All in all, we were handling the situation pretty well. I was working from home and my daughter, Peyton - who just finished her MBA - had been looking for a job for months.

But we were coping. I thought. Until one morning I rolled out of bed earlier than usual and found Peyton parked at her desk on her laptop.

Turns out she'd been up all night, reading the news, writing to her friends. Apparently, everyone's awake, sharing their stress. Peyton's riddled with anxiety, so she can't sleep. She told me she's worried about the future, she's worried about me... I'm working 12 hour days - juggling back-to-back calls and video meetings, so my voice is shot. And I'm not getting enough rest, either.

We had to do something or we'd fall apart. We made a pact to make sure that our new at-home routine included taking care of our overall health. I've always taken a multi-vitamin, but it no longer felt like enough. Then I remembered something- I was traveling in Spain a few years back when I got this heavy cold. My cousins swore by Biocol Labs' doctor-approved natural remedies and gave me some. It cured my summer cold in a snap. So I was sure they'd come to the rescue in this situation.

We looked them up and I was thrilled to see that Biocol Labs is a family-owned, post-chemical pharmacy that's always been ahead of its time. We read that for the past 42 years, their mission has been to close the gap between cutting edge science and nature's bounty. They offer natural solutions for everything from a sore throat to boosting your immunity. They are, in fact, one of Europe's leading herbal laboratories. And now they're here in the US.

I figured it was worth a shot, so we ordered up some Biocol Labs, put them to the test, and they're just as good as I remembered.

Here's why we're fans:

There's Something For Everything

For my raw, dry throat, I tried Something® for Cactus Throat spray. What a cool name! The key ingredients are Iceland moss, propolis, lemon and peppermint essential oils, and copper. For Peyton's sleep issue, there's Something® for Dreaming, and for stress (for both of us) there's Something® for Immunity, but there's so much more, too. What we really love about Biocol Labs is that they are not just a supplement that you take over time in the hopes of eventually feeling somewhat better. They are tailored to be solutions to problems that work.

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They're Transparent About Dosages

To ease my sore throat, 5 spritzes up to 8 times a day does the trick. But I found myself not needing as much after a couple of days, so a little goes a long way.

Something® for Immunity comes in elegant glass ampules. They contain a mix of shiitake, echinacea, and copper to balance and support the immune system.

Drink one in the morning after breakfast, as is or diluted in water or orange juice.

Peyton uses 2 spritzes of Something® for Dreaming at night, but if she feels anxiety building up during the day, one spritz calms her right down.

They're Affordable

What a great deal- the Immunity package (7 ampules) costs $19.90, the 21 Day Immune Health Program (21 ampules) is $49.90. Whichever amount you choose, it'll keep you out of the sickbed and on track.

You can make a one time purchase if you want to test it out, or Biocol Labs' subscription option saves you 20%. You can have it delivered on a schedule that works for you, plus you can tweak, pause, or cancel at any time. And there's free shipping on orders over $45, plus 15% off your first order if you enter PLANTBASED at the checkout. Fantastic.

Quality Ingredients

All their products are GMO-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free. Their products offer plant-based, doctor-approved, straight-talking solutions for our needs. From research through formulation, sourcing, and packaging, Biocol Labs controls the entire supply chain which provides complete transparency and quality control.

Peace Of Mind & Good For The World

Biocol Labs helps us give back to the world. Staying healthy for ourselves and for our neighbors is key at this time in history. When we assume responsibility for ourselves, we're helping others, too. By taking care of ourselves, we're better able to take care of the world that we live in and love.

Peyton's not just sleeping, she told me she slept so deeply she's dreaming again. A sure sign of healthy and protective sleep.

I'm not taking calls with a scratchy irritated throat anymore, either. Even better, our general mood has improved. We feel energetic and resilient. Biocol Labs' powerful plant-based, doctor-approved remedies can help keep us as peaceful and balanced as we can be these days.

UPDATE: Our Friends At Biocol Labs Are Offering 15% Off Your First Order, Plus Free Shipping Over $45! Enter PLANTBASED At The Checkout To Redeem

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