Why Everyone Loves Brandless’ Pro Blender

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When trying to eat healthily, I got really into fresh juices.

There's really nothing better than food that tastes like the thick shakes of my childhood but has the added benefits of kale and nut milk. Yum!

But ordering juice all the time was bleeding my bank account dry. I was ready to invest in a blender, but I didn't know it would be... that much of an investment - No one told me the Vitamix blenders were up to $600!!! The cheapest one was $300, and the knockoffs were around the same price.

I went searching for something high quality and affordable, and stumbled across the new Pro Blender from Brandless. They've been in the wellness space for a long time, but only recently started offering high-end items that are still at a great value.

At $180, I was absolutely willing to try it, but I wanted to look at reviews first. Would it just be another cheap knockoff that would break in 6 months? Here's what I found:

"Who needs to spend $300+ on a Vitamix?!"

"Tired of having to "chew" bits of my green smoothies after they were churned through my Ninja, I decided to suck it up and put down the $ for a Vitamix. Then... I found the Pro Blender. I saw the 100-day trial and thought, "why not?" [and] I have been LOVING it!!

I've gone way beyond green smoothies (though, those are now smooth and creamy). I've made soups, (tomato and butternut squash), nut butters (hazelnut, almond, pecan, and walnut- SO delicious and fast), nut milks and oat milks. I've also used it to pulse grains and nuts for flours in cooking (oats, almonds, etc.).

The blender is sleek, sturdy, easy to operate, and clean. It's actually quieter than my Ninja though the power is higher!! Who needs to spend $300+ on a Vitamix when this delivers the same result." - Amy

"Couldn't be happier!"

"Couldn't be happier! This mixer is the best! I needed a heavy-duty mixer for smoothies that would handle frozen bananas for making "nice" cream. This one handles it nicely and for a more reasonable price than the Vitamix blenders. It came nicely packaged and arrived quickly. Love that it has the blender stick, so I don't have to stop and start the blender while mixing. Thanks, Brandless!" - Anne

"Smoothest smoothies ever!"

"Very impressed with this blender. It makes the smoothest smoothies ever and for the price? Unbelievable. I planned on buying the Vitamix, but it's not necessary. I've eaten more greens in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 months." - Rachelle

"Operates flawlessly."

"I have used this for the last 4 days in a row! It operates flawlessly... We use it so much it will never get put away! - Michael


"This blender works great. Fast and simple to use. It's like a commercial-grade appliance." - Grace

"My kids actually ask for smoothies now."

"I am really impressed with this blender! My ninja blender of 6 years broke...so I decided to take the plunge…. I am AMAZED at how well this thing blends! My kids actually ask for smoothies now, because this blender breaks down the chia seeds and other healthy things I put in them! I honestly didn't know [a] blender could work this well." - Courtney

This was the real deal - it seemed perfect, so I ordered one for myself. Once I powered it up, I was shocked at how well it worked!! I can save so much money now on buying smoothies.

I don't know how I lived without this thing. I've also made perfect pesto, salad dressings, nut butters, and margaritas.

At just $180, I can't believe how professional it is. I'm so happy that Brandless is creating products in the health and wellness space that are high-end without the mark-up!

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