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It's almost the holiday season, so it's time to stock up on gifts. Men are so much harder to buy for than women. There are only so many years you can buy someone a pair of socks and a bottle of whisky in a row. Well, this year, we have the solution: Ekster.

Ekster is constantly innovating and creating the most stylish, yet practical products. This year, they're offering a great deal on a Holiday Gift Bundle. The bundle includes some of their best accessories: Aluminum Cardholder, Tracker Card, Key Holder, Key Tracker, Cash Clip, and a free premium fabric gift bag. Worth a total of $240, but you get it for just $130! That's a 45% discount.

The Tracker Card is super impressive. It's solar-powered, so only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months. With this card, You can track your wallet worldwide with Ekster's global system when you lose it, so this is a perfect gift for someone who's forgetful. Plus it can be paired with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri: simply speak a command into your phone and have your tracker pulled up on a map the instant you realize your wallet's missing. Definitely an impressive gift.

The Key Tracker works the same way. It comes with a built-in LED light ensuring no more scratches on the car or door in the dark, plus two-way ringing, voice-activation, and selfie mode. And it looks super slick, unlike other bulky tracker keyrings. It's a small tracker, designed to fit perfectly into the Key Holder, and it's the smallest smart key finder out there.

The Key Holder is a key organizer that keeps all your keys arranged, secure, and easy to access. It's super compact, but holds up to 7 keys. The Cash Clip is another way to keep things organized while still looking slick. It features the Ekster logo and a space gray gloss finish. Another convenient inclusion in this gift set.

The Aluminum Cardholder can hold up to 12 cards, and has a removable cash strap to give the option to hold a few bills. With the click of a button, the cards pop up for easy access. But the most impressive part is RFID blocking technology, which protects cards from data theft.

Overall, this bundle is the perfect gift for a special man. Or else, you can give something to each of the men in your life. Give your brother who always loses his keys the Key Tracker and Holder, your tech-y dad the Tracker Card and Cash Strap, and your partner the Aluminum Cardholder. No matter who you give what, there's no way they won't be impressed with Ekster's modern, practical, and very stylish accessories.

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