How I Make Dinner So Fast, Easy, & Cheap

Spoiler alert: It's Chefs Plate

How I Make Dinner So Fast, Easy, & Cheap

A brief history of my kitchen disasters: burning food, forgetting to add the main ingredient, adding the perfect amount of salt 3 times, burning water, and making rice that my mother deemed "the worst rice she'd ever had" (it looked like porridge).

I'm tired of trying new things only to end up with something inedible - with other people in the house, it just can't happen anymore.

I thought we'd be doomed to pasta and takeaways for eternity until someone at work recommended I try Chefs Plate. I'd heard of meal kits before, but I figured they'd be expensive. But she said Chefs Plate starts at $8.99 a serving, which was cheaper than my usual takeout.

I recounted my kitchen disasters to her, and she told me Chefs Plate was so easy, and probably the best way for me to gain confidence in the kitchen. Plus, it wouldn't break the bank, so I had nothing to lose - I decided to finally take the plunge.

Looking at the Chefs Plate website, I got lost in the delicious recipes - every week, there are Classic, Vegetarian, 15 Minute, and Slow Cooker options. This would give me my nights back if it worked out, especially if I could dump food in the Slow Cooker and come home to a meal! You can choose between 2-4 recipes a week, and their plans are super flexible. All of the pre-portioned ingredients are delivered to your door, and the boxes arrive with ice packs, so the food stays fresh.

It was so perfect! For the first meal, I chose a 15 Minute Garlic Pork Lo Mein with stir-fried zucchini and bok choy. They have plenty of classic cuisines, plus more exotic fare, too. The ingredients arrived perfectly portioned and labeled, and I mostly just had to chop up a few things.

In about 15 minutes, I had dinner for three ready. We dug in, and it was delicious! Better than the Lo Mein at our regular takeout place.

Before I started cooking with Chefs Plate, microwaving a potato was about the extent of my culinary skills. Now, cooking is so fun! It's hard to go wrong with the simple-to-follow instructions and encouragement that are included in the box.

With Slow Cooker recipes, it's almost unfair how easy and delicious it is, and with so many 15-minute options every week, I have so much more time in my week now. No stress about what to cook, what to do if my recipe goes awry, and no stress while I'm cooking. Plus, no spending unnecessary money on takeout.

Chefs Plate is the best thing to happen to dinner. No more struggling to pull a meal together – everything needed is sent in the box. It's my dinner life-saver!

Update: Our friends at Chefs Plate are extending a limited time offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 50% off your first Chefs Plate box!

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