Thinking About Copper Cow Coffee? Here’s What You Need To Know

Thinking About Copper Cow Coffee? Here’s What You Need To Know
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We love to start our day with coffee. It's human nature to wake up, stumble bleary-eyed to the kitchen, and put on a pot of joe. However, at-home brews aren't always the go-to. Some opt for a morning jaunt to get a specialty latte or fancy roast at their local shop.

Pick your poison - in the end, we all agree that coffee rules.

We'd even go as far as saying that coffee is self-care; a simple pleasure like a face mask or reading a book. Well, we've upped our game all year with skincare and healthy habits, now we're leveling up morning brew with Copper Cow Coffee.

This brand is reinventing how we approach the brewing process with Vietnamese pour-over coffee. Copper Cow is bringing high-quality, easy-to-make coffee and lattes to your kitchen.

Here's everything you need to know before making the tasty switch:

What is Copper Cow Coffee?

Vietnamese pour-over coffee - simple and delicious. With Copper Cow all you need to do is take one of their pre-filled coffee filters, pop it in your mug of choice, and add hot water. From there, you can either drink it black or add in one of Copper Cow's 100% naturally sweetened creamers.

There's no special equipment needed unlike other big-name at-home coffee brands, but you still get great coffee in no time, without leaving the house. Copper Cow can be made hot, iced, or taken a step further with a true cold brew.

What kind of coffee and flavors do they have?

Copper Cow has 5 coffee flavors that come in packs of eight: Classic Black, Vanilla, Lavender, Churro, and Salted Caramel. You can add on a creamer pack of 8 or 25. Enjoy 100% real milk and pure cane sugar without any of those pesky preservatives and additives.

The lattes from Copper Cow are next level. Choose from Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla, Churro, Classic, Mint, Lavender, and Classic Decaf - no matter which you choose, you get 5 pour-over filters and 5 condensed milk creamers. Plus, keep an eye out for their seasonal flavor drops!

What makes Vietnamese coffee different?

The difference lies in flavor and convenience.

Vietnamese coffee is made from beans sourced in Vietnam and served with sweetened condensed milk. The pour-over method enhances the flavor as you brew for a richer, stronger cup than traditional American-style coffee.

Can I brew it easily at home?

Yes! All you need is hot water and your filter and you're good to go. Copper Cow tells you exactly how many times to fill your filter to get your perfect cup and how to make it iced or a cold brew instead.

The best part is that Copper Cow stays with you on the move. Pop their filters in your bag and whether you're at the office or on vacation, you won't need to settle for subpar coffee. The creamers are shelf-stable too, so go ahead and throw one in as well and you can indulge in a latte from anywhere.

Copper Cow Coffee
At Home Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee
Sustainably sourced, women-owned, all natural flavors

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How much does it cost?

With Copper Cow you don't have to break the bank or leave the house to keep high-quality coffee in your life. The 8 packs of coffee are just $14 and the latte packs of 5 start at $15.

A latte typically costs you upwards of $4 a cup, but with Copper Cow it comes down to just $2.50. It's barista-quality for half the price - need we say more?

How does the subscription work?

If you want extra savings and convenience, Copper Cow has an excellent subscription offering in addition to their a la carte shop. Just follow their quiz to build your box - including preferences for flavors, creamers, and brew type.

Copper Cow will build your box so you can have a mix of flavors you love and the ones you're ready to explore for a total of up to 24 coffee filters and 24 creamers. You save up to 20%, can opt-out anytime, and you get free samples (+ perks!). Never worry about restocking your caffeine supply with this monthly subscription.

Anything else to note?

Copper Cow is more than just great-tasting coffee! They're a small business that's putting a twist on traditional Vietnamese coffee and delivering right to our doors. While they go above and beyond for their devoted customers, Copper Cow does more for their farmers too.

They source all their coffee from local farmers in Vietnam and pay their workers double the market rate. When you choose Copper Cow over your Starbucks-Dunkin-Mega-Corporation of Choice, you're doing more than investing in the satisfaction of a satisfying latte.

We highly recommend trying out Copper Cow Coffee. Be your own barista with this revolutionary pour-over brew.

The team at Copper Cow Coffee are extending a special offer to our readers! The team at Copper Cow Coffee are extending a special offer to our readers! Get 25% off of the first month of any subscription with coupon code COFFEEBOX25

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