Do We Really Need Silver In Our Underwear?

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Before I owned a pair of Mack Weldon's high-tech boxer briefs, I never paid attention to what brand I was wearing or what they were made of. I just always bought the cheap ones that come in packs of five. As soon as they started to feel old and worn out, I'd just buy a new pack not thinking about how much I spent along the way, or how many embarrassing incidents I had wearing subpar underwear. I was introduced to Mack Weldon by my friend Jeff who loves this brand. He was always trying to sell me on them but I was not about the price, especially for a pair of boxer briefs. It came to the point where I had had enough of hearing about “the sickest underwear ever" made of real silver, so I caved in and ordered a pair.

What makes Mack Weldon's Silver underwear so special is it's got pure silver woven into the fabric. I was a bit confused at first, but after reading up about it and trying them myself, the real silver makes a world of a difference. The metal itself is naturally antimicrobial and thermo-regulating, which means they stay fresh for a long time. Silver is also extremely durable so they're the opposite of those cheap throwaways. Apparently, NASA and the Special Forces have been using silver in their suits and uniforms to help them endure harsh environments for a while now. It was definitely a smart move Mack Weldon made incorporating this element into an article of clothing that really needed it.

The benefits of wearing silver (and much better looking) boxer briefs is pretty sweet, but the best part is that they are super comfortable and breathable. The silver is woven into long staple Pima cotton, the strongest of all cottons making them long lasting as well. They always stay put (don't ride up), the waistband doesn't roll and everything feels supported. They even have strategically placed mesh zones to keep you cool, and the Pima cotton makes them last for years. The quality is definitely there and they are a huge upgrade from my Jockeys and CKs. Plus they look much nicer on. I have to admit, Mack Weldon's SIlver boxer briefs are a game changer that provides me with a new level of comfort and freshness.

As an added bonus, the folks at Mack Weldon are extending a Try-On Guarantee: if you don't love your first pair, they'll give you a full refund and let you keep the pair you tried on. You can follow this link to get your first pair risk-free!

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