Before I owned a pair of Mack Weldon's high-tech boxer briefs, I never paid attention to what brand I was wearing or what they were made of. I just always bought the cheap ones that come in packs of five. As soon as they started to feel old and worn out, I'd just buy a new pack not thinking about how much I spent along the way, or how many embarrassing incidents I had wearing subpar underwear. I was introduced to Mack Weldon by my roommate who swears on this brand for everything. He was always trying to sell me on them but I was not about the price, especially for a pair of boxer briefs. It came to the point where I had had enough of hearing about “the sickest underwear ever" made of real silver, so I caved in and ordered two pairs.

So why is Mack Weldon's Silver Underwear so special? They weave pure silver (the actual metal) into their fabric. I can't say that I didn't feel a some sort of buyer's remorse after paying almost $34 a pair of boxer briefs. Until I received the actual order, I kept thinking that the purchase was a mistake. They do have an awesome “Try-On Guarantee" which promises a full refund with no return required - yes, you can even keep the pair you tried on. But, I have no first-hand experience with this service because the underwear ended up being great and I have already ordered 2 more.

The real silver, what you are paying for, makes a world of a difference. The Mack Weldon site does a good job explaining the science and technology behind it, but to summarize the metal itself is naturally antimicrobial and thermo-regulating, which means they stay fresh for a long time. Silver is also extremely durable so they are literally the opposite of those cheap throwaways and are meant to be a part of your wardrobe for a while. Apparently, NASA and the Special Forces have been using silver in their suits and uniforms to help them endure harsh environments for a while now. It was definitely a smart move Mack Weldon made incorporating this element into an article of clothing that really needed it. While silver alone is a great selling point for these boxer briefs, the best part about them is that they are actually comfortable - they never ride up, the waistband doesn't roll and everything feels supported. These underwear even have strategically placed mesh zones to keep you cool and the material itself is extremely soft. The quality is definitely there and they are far more superior to my cheap throw-aways. I hated to admit it (especially to my roommate), but these Mack Weldon SIlver boxer briefs are a game changer.

The price does seem pretty steep at first, but then again I was probably spending equivalent on cheap 5-pack ones by continuously buying them throughout the year. At least with these I know they will last me a while and they provide a new level of comfort and freshness. My roommate now doesn't shut up about how he was right. I'm actually glad he was adamant about Mack Weldon because this is definitely the way to go when it comes to underwear. I did already order 2 more and come to think of it that probably wasn't enough because those throwaways I still have need to be put in the trash asap.

Plus: If you don't love your first pair, Mack Weldon will give you a full refund - and you can keep the ones you tried! Follow this link to get your first pair risk-free!